Morgan Hughes Homestead
Bed and Breakfast

Circa 1714

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This red brick path leads from the Manor House to the pool house. This historic homestead is located in Towamencin Township, Montgomery County in Pennsylvania. This homestead is the crossroads for the origins of several famous American families: the Morgans(of JP Morgan fame), the Hughes, and the Boone family(of Daniel Boone fame).
The shrubbery is astounding as well as the panache of the grounds.

Much of the research and historical documentation was done by Mary Buttler, township historian and curator of the Morgan Log House; also located in Towamencin Township in the Montgomery County of Pennsylvania.

In a cabin in the wood, a little man in the window stood.  Then he saw a bunny hopping by.  "Help me! Help me!" the bunny said. "before the hunter shoots me dead!" "Come little rabbit come inside safely to abide!"

Butler’s research, documented that this land was owned by a Welsh family headed by Hugh Edward Morgan. He lived in Radnor with his family. Morgan's son and his wife, Elizabeth "nee" Jarman, settled on this property which borders on Sumneytown Pike and Valley Forge Road. This is where the original homestead building was constructed circa 1714. Edward Morgan, and his wife Elizabeth would have a number of offspring, including Sarah Morgan. Sarah later married Squire Boone and gave birth to Daniel Boone.

Just a cosy place to sit for a spell!

The homestead has received several restorations over the years. Most restoration has taken place under the expert supervision of renowned G. Edwin Brumbaugh, F.A.I.A.. Mr Brumbaugh has been noted for his restoration work on many of the historical buildings in and around the Philadelphia area and has received numerous awards.

Original doors and harware as well as stunning beams across the ceiling.

The smoke house and walk in fireplaces are all original and maintain their hardware; all the cooking hardware is also intact. Many of the doors and windows have the original glass and hardware. The Homestead is still garnished with many of the “Six over Nine” windows, and still hold their handmade glass.

A 3 car garage for all your automobile needs!
Both the main house and the barn are constructed of field stone with many of the original rafters and flooring remaining. As the owner's families grew with the years, several additions were made to the homestead. Festive lights provide a romantic moment for any romantically involved.
Check out those home warming knick-knacks!

When Sumneytown Pike was changed from its original path to its current in 1848; the homestead underwent an addition to accommodate access to the new road. This addition included enlarged the kitchen and dining room as well as an addition of a porch.

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At one point, according to the public records, the homestead was used as a public inn after it passed from the Morgan Family. Currently, the homestead serves as a private residence as well as an operating bed and breakfast. Bedroom decore mimics the early american lifestyle the house was constructed under.
The barn and several out buildings have been converted to offices and apartment suites. Please see the:Buildings On The Homestead Grounds:for more details and history. Yeah Pool Casa!

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